Francesco Gagliardi

Sonic Flowers

Sonic flowers is an interactive sound installation made in Shanghai for 3.1 Phillip Lim showcase during Shanghai Fashion week.

By touching the flowers we conduct small amount of electrical impulses to the main arduino board that the body generates biologically. Max/MSP does the rest converting those signals into musical tones. the installation establishes a connection between human and nature in a dialogue that uses music, sound and touch as a language.

This project uses arduino as the main hardware board, a various number of capacitive sensors and Max/MSP.

A chartreuse moss sculpture where delicate ascocenda responds to the human touch with whimsical sound and a cloud filled sky created entirely by airy, ethereal gypsophila xlence.



Lissajous is a Real-time Audio Reactive Graphics device bult in Max/MSP (Standalone | MaxForLive) and distributed by Audiobulb Records the 1st June 2015. This interactive installation took place at IED Milano from 16th to 18th March 2018.