Francesco Gagliardi

Future Relics

"The luminous Past can only sustain a shred of Future Relics"

Future Relics embodies the metaphysics of a journey Baratto & Mouravas undertook in Aruba, in the Dutch Antilles, in June 2018, while researching an ‘Atlantic Triangle’.
On the first cornerstone of such triangle, there is SS Antilla: a Nazi shipwreck that sunk off the coast of Aruba in 1940, as an aftermath of the German invasion of the Netherlands. The second vertice of this geometry is Antilia: a phantom island with seven harbours, which appeared in the nautical charts of medieval cartographers before the Atlantic became widely explored, and eventually disappeared from mapping as no one ever found it. The third point is the Antilles, the cluster of islands that Aruba is part of. The archipelago is an extension of the Dutch Colonial history and was named after the promises that the New World of Antilia and its sister Atlantis could bring into existence. This geometry materialises in Future Relics as a mosaic in time & space.
Exploring the historical and mythical connections of the Atlantic Triangle generated by the axes Antilia-Antilles-SS Antilla, Baratto & Mouravas devised a 2 channel video installation about this ongoing research. Employing their practice of Archaeo-Dreaming the artist duo aims to re-articulate past present and future into a blend time. Future Relics reveals an experiential quest which materialises as an unknown cartography and a space of imagination; a historical labyrinth that becomes an immeasurable utopia.

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A Vanishing Column Floats

The film and its up-side-down installation are inspired by the quest for the third column of San Marco, a Byzantine pillar sunk in Venezia in 1172. A Vanishing Column Floats is a mythopoetic, contemplative vision: a wandering eye floats, as much as the column does, within the Venetian memory and attempts to gaze at the lost pillar in a state of reverie, between the states of being conscious and unconscious, between the image seen and the image unseen, within a realm of real events called dreaming.

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Me, You & Us

Me, You, us is an experimental audiovisual project made in collaboration with Nicola Baratto and Alberto Valz Gris during a residence at EMS Studio in Stockholm. The project is been realized by a buchla 200 system, an analog video mixer and a photoresistor which is pointed in front of the video screen in order to capture the light variation and retrigger the buchla system. This project is entirely made using analog machines with no any additional computer editing and effects.

Recommended headphones, video in full screen and HD 1080.

This first experiment was part of an exhibition took place in Amsterdam @ Burgerweeshuis (Higher Resolutions) from 16th to 19th of June 2016.


Fascinum is a short movie realized in the Southern Italy along with Rocco Natale, Stefano Testa, Emre Baloğlu, Nicola Baratto, Nivi Java.
It explores the traditions, rituals, customs, beliefs and cultures of our world and currently is focused on the study of the symbolism in the traditions.

The protagonist, through memories and atmospheres, exorcises his own pains during the walk of faith. He has to scale a mountain, he has to go on top to eradicate his evil and take back his spirit balance.

A tale about the evil eyes. This spell is traditionally called malocchio.

A full description on this work can be found on this url.